NFT and Digital Art Vision

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NFT and Digital Art, are here to last, however many changes need to be implemented, properly linking digital art to physical hardware and making it painful to produce NFT. That would be our vision

Road Map

we are working little by little to achieve small wins in this space the roadmap is just an estimation of
what we want to do therefore it might change as we go on with the project.

Launching Community & Avatar Project (Isekai)

Launching our community loyalty NFT (the teenage superhero collection) which will be free to mint and Launching our high end avatar project (Isekai) , inspired by famous anime of the like of (Attack on Titans , Demon Slayer , Code Guess , HxH and others) without making any similarity to those copyrighted character

2-launching Unique Smart Contract & Entertainment Media

launching our first unique smart contract, to retain the value of the Isekai NFT project and issuing the first entertainment media using the Isekai

3-Announcing details & Testnet prestige protocol

Announcing details regarding the prestige protocol and the unique features we are building and Testnet prestige protocol, likely to be private, or access for limited developer

4-Mainnet prestige protocol

Mainnet prestige protocol and community participation

5- More new smart contract

More new smart contract ideas and creative implementation

About US

Prestige Lab is an NFT oriented company , focuses on tackling creative ideas and exploring new territories in the space, We believe that the future of NFT is much more than what we seeing right now , Art need to be aesthetic and sometime need to have hidden meaning and purpose rather than a simple eyes pleasure , On the other hand art need to retain value as time goes on and not to be a trading market with bear and bulls , pump and dump , Art is more like traditional gold with a possibly of hitting jackpot. Prestige Lab ultimately want to build a standard for the digital art world , Join our community and help us build the best protocol in the space from zero to hero.

Artist : Iman

Developer : Alex

Marketing : Jimmy_Jay

Our Projects

Isekai Avatar (PFP)

Our Isekai avatar is consider the main avatar project for Prestige Lab, Isekai is a limited collection of Front full face anime characters that looks awesome with different treats and rarity,

The ultimate goal is to launch a universe base on those character with epic stories and different entertainment output,

who know what this might evolve into, so many possibilities

Teenage hero

Is our free drop that is giving for the community as symbols of being the OG of the community,

owning one will allow user to have a VIP access into other products and serveries Prestige Lab would provide,

although it has a basic treat and rarity it could be the PUNK of our protocol

Prestige Protocol

is our most ambitious project, we are planning to create an NFT ecosystem that is based on real life use case and with a valuation module that is sustainable and will save the value on any work created on it, we believe that it should be painful to create NFT just as it painful to mine 1 BTC, this effort have unspoken value. The project will also introduce new concept and creative smart contract that is not yet mainstream in the space